Parent Rep Duties

Knight Nation Athletic Club — Parent Reps

Thank you for volunteering for the position of parent representative for your son or daughter’s team. As a parent rep volunteer, you are vital to the success of our partnership with our teams. Listed below are your responsibilities:

  • Obtain a list of your team’s players with addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail address (if available).
  • You will be notified when KNAC meetings are scheduled and you are encouraged to attend any of these meeting. Your input is valuable and always appreciated.
  • Parent Reps (and coaches) are the link between KNAC and your team. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a KNAC committee member. Items of concern can be addressed at any KNAC meeting.
  • Call for volunteers when requested. This may be the most important aspect of being a parent rep. Parent reps are asked to schedule people to work in our concession stands and to make sure they show up. A KNAC member is in charge of scheduling teams to work the stand. He/she will provide the information you need (i.e. games, dates, times, and number of people needed), and it is important that you keep this person informed of your progress during the scheduling.
  • Basket or Item for Auction. Each team is asked to donate a basket or item to the STA Auction which is held in April. Parent reps are responsible for asking their team’s families for a donation toward this basket or item. Money or items can be given to anyone on the Auction committee. If money is given, the auction committee will take it upon themselves to make the appropriate donation in that team’s name.
  • Banquets. The banquets are the responsibility of each individual team. Coaches and parents will coordinate this event, and if needed, they will have the guidance of KNAC.
  • Senior Night. Senior night will also be the responsibility of individual teams. Coaches, parents and the Athletic department will coordinate this event, and if needed, guidance will be provided by KNAC.
  • Help coaches communicate to parents.