Athletic Eligibility

St. Thomas Aquinas High School is member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. A student athlete must conform to the eligibility requirements of the OHSAA and the Diocese of Youngstown.

Academic Requirements:

  1. In order to be eligible in grades 9-12, a student must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in school the immediately preceding grading period. During the preceding grading period, the student must have received passing grades in a minimum of five one credit courses or the equivalent which count toward graduation.
  2. Comply with the St. Thomas Aquinas policy on religious education class. 

Attendance Requirements

  1. On any day that school is in session, a student athlete must be signed in to the office by 11:00 am. Any student receiving an early dismissal is considered ineligible for that day’s events. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved by the administration.

OHSAA Pre-Season Video

Every student athlete must watch the OHSAA Pre-Season video before they can participate in an organized sport at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.