Athletic Code of Conduct

Participation in athletics and all extra-curricular activities is a privilege. All athletic participants at St. Thomas Aquinas High School are to conduct themselves in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct and with the rules and regulations required by each coach. Violations may lead to a temporary or permanent suspension from the team or other penalties deemed appropriate by the head coach.

Areas of concern are:

  • Absence from or tardiness to practices and/or athletic events
  • Attitude or behavior detrimental to the team
  • Violation of alcohol, drug or tobacco policies
  • Violation of athletic safety standards
  • Violation of curfew
  • Violation of eligibility requirements
  • Violation of specific team rules/regulations
  • Violation of transportation rules*

* When a team bus or van is provided, student athletes are expected to ride to and from a scheduled event on the team bus or van. An athlete may be granted permission to ride with his/her parent/guardian, but a written request from the parent/guardian must be given to the coach prior to the morning of the event. Approval of such requests is at the discretion of the head coach.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

All St. Thomas Aquinas High School athletes are bound by all disciplinary policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. The following pertains to all athletes who are under the influence of, or who possess, use, sell,deliver or conceal drugs and/or any drug paraphernalia. Drugs include but ar enot limited to all narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, steroids, and alcohol. The following penalties will apply:

First Offense: Denial of participation for the remainder of the season. The penalty may be reduced if the student has a complete alcohol/drug assessment done at an approved agency approved by the school, and the student agrees to participate in a drug/alcohol education program.

Second Offense: Denial of athletic participation for the remainder of the student’s career at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Tobacco Policy

First Offense:
Suspension from one game. Parents informed.

Second Offense: Suspension from three games. One week suspension from practice. Parents informed.

Third Offense: Suspension for the remainder of the season.

Tattoo Policy

For both student athletes and coaches, tattoos are not permitted to be visible at any time during an athletic event.

Denial of Further Participation on Athletic Team

Once the team has been selected, a coach may find it necessary to temporarily or permanently suspend a player. The coach must consult with the Athletic Director and the Principal prior to imposing a suspension from play. The parents/guardian must be notified of the suspension in writing and may request a conference with the head coach and the Athletic Director.

In matters pertaining to the personal conduct of a student, the Principal shall determine whether or not the student may continue as a member of the team. Any violations of the standards established by the OHSAA will be resolved according to the procedures established by the OHSAA.